Dizziness and the Cervical Spine: Beyond Cervicogenic Dizziness

Read Time: [6 minutes] Outline: The cervical spine has been a known source of dizziness since the 1950’s with a classification as cervical vertigo. While the true spinning sensation of vertigo is not common with cervical spine issues, a feeling of imbalance, disorientation, light headedness, swaying, and unsteadiness have all been linked to problems in […]

Concussion + Neck Injury = Longer Recovery

If you’re a reader of our blog, then you’re aware of our stance that an injury strong enough to concuss is strong enough to also injure the neck. You can read some of our thoughts on this subject here: 2 Reasons Why Your Concussion Symptoms Aren’t Going Away Head Injury, Chronic Dizziness, Concentration Problems, and […]

Why Is Cranio-facial Pain So Much Worse Than Everything Else?

Read time: 7-8 minutes Outline: Pain is weird Chronic head and face pain and suicidality Why head and face pain feels worse The neuroscience of suffering Pain is complicated. It’s even more complicated as a clinician because the expectation from years and years of conditioning is that when you have pain, then something about that […]