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The Craniocervical Junction and Headache Disorders

  Headaches disorders are amongst the most common conditions that people seek treatment from a doctor. While most people will experience a headache of some form,  there are those who develop chronic and repetitive bouts with headaches of different types. Unlike people who may struggle with an occasional stress headache or feel the effects from […]

How to Spot a Personal Injury Predator

Outline The famously dirty personal injury industry When profit leads to failed patient care How to spot predatory practices Personal injury (PI) is an famously dirty industry. When people think about PI, you usually think about ambulance chasing attorneys taking up local billboards, radio, and television commercials. In a state like Florida where just the act of […]

Neck Strength and Concussion Risk

  Neck muscles are historically one of the most unsexy muscles to train and develop in athletes. When we look at the main reasons that people take up training we find things like: Cosmetic (look better with less clothes) Enhanced performance in a specific sport Weight loss The problem is that having a thick, strong neck […]

Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor in Headache Disorders

Neck muscles have been a source of suffering for patients for a long time. In recent years, one neck muscle in particular is getting a lot of attention in the world of head injury. Meet the rectus capitis posterior minor (RCPMi) Image Credit: Duke Univeristy Learning labhttps://web.duke.edu/anatomy/Lab01/Lab2_new2014.html Yep. It’s that tiny little muscle deep in […]

2 Reasons Why Your Concussion Symptoms Aren’t Going Away

This article adapted from Dr. Chung’s practice blog at http://chiropractorwellington.com/2-reasons-why-your-concussion-symptoms-arent-going-away/ Outline: Concussion symptoms generally go away within 7-10 days 10-20% of head injuries will last greater than 30 days and become post-concussion syndrome Post-concussion syndrome can be divided into 3 categories. Physiologic, vestibular, or cervicogenic Recovery from post-concussion syndrome depends on getting the right type of […]