Understanding the Science and Treatment of Neck Problems

Protect the Neck is a place where patients and practitioners can find the latest information on the science and rehabilitation of cervical spine issues.

Neck pain has been shown to affect between 30-50% of the population. While most cases will self-resolve, about 30% of these patients will go on to have chronic and recurrent problems, and 5% will develop disability.[1]

Neck pain has not received the same amount of press and attention as low back pain, but it’s a growing problem that needs better solutions.


At Protect the Neck, we are here to dig through the science and work together to find answers for neck problems that are currently treatment-resistant.

We’ll dig through:

  • Biomechanics
  • Pain Science
  • Neurology
  • Rehab
  • Anatomy
  • and more

Our goal is to be a resource for both health care providers and patients. So that if you’re a patient struggling with cervical spine problems, you’ll have ways to find the right doctor for your case. If you’re a doctor looking for ways to help struggling patients, we’ll have resources for you too.


  1. Steilen D, Hauser R, Woldin B, Sawyer S. Chronic neck pain making the connection between capsular ligament laxity and cervical instability. Open Orthop J. 2014; 8: 326-345. (link)